Technical presentation of the membrane

Active Patch 4U is composed of a mix of more than 20 natural metal oxides such as iron; magnesium; titanium; silicon; manganese and zirconium oxides.

Each oxide is known for its infrared energy emissivity effect —which we can call ‘heat-energy’. They have been used for decades, especially in Japan and Korea, in common infrared lamps and other infrared emitting products.

Active Patch 4U is the result of an important fundamental research study, started in Japan and concluded in France at the end of the last decade. The basic idea is to mix, in the right proportions, all the metal oxides so as to emit infrared's in the life-supporting “far” ranges (between 4 and 12 micrometers) – see diagram below.


The results obtained by Active Patch 4U easily outstrip all current processes, with more than 95% of emissivity measured between 4 and 20 micro metres, with a theoretical extension to more than 800 micrometers.

Active Patch 4U is an exceptional calorific-energetic source to life.

Thanks to its natural elements working as an energetic mirror, the energy source of Active Patch 4U allows the living organism to transform its dissipative energy, which is naturally lost, into active energy. By recharging the tissues, it allows the cell to go from an unbalanced condition to a stable one.