Mode of Action

Active Patch 4U is a well-being product which works by stimulating specific energy points of the organism.

In osteopathy, physiotherapy, kinesiology and other manual therapies, it is believed that each muscle has a trigger point, which, when stimulated, spreads information and energy within the whole muscle. The same applies to each joint of which the capsules are located near the skin. We drew inspiration from these manual therapeutic methods to identify specific points to apply the patches. Additionally, when Active Patch 4U is placed on these points, it returns the body’s radiant energy deep down into the joint. It’s not only muscles that have these trigger points — ligaments do to.

The trigger, and joint, points were the basis for the study led by Spincontrol to assess the effect felt while using Active Patch 4U. On 110 individuals, the study shows the remarkable effect Active Patch 4U has on joint and muscular problems.

With organs, osteopathy recognizes a few action points through nervous intersections or by way of the close presence of the organ to the skin, but there are only a few of these points and they are not very useable.

Instead we looked to Chinese medicine — where acupuncture point actions provide a wide variety of options, either close to the organ or remotely, to regulate the effects on how the target organ functions.

With this as our inspiration — and the added knowledge from numerous positive observations about the well-being sensation offered by the product — we continue to investigate how better to refine the effect on the application points chosen for Active Patch 4U.

To learn more about the specific areas where Active Patch 4U can be used check out our detailed zone by zone, self-help guide for applying Active Patch 4U — both for prevention and recovery on our homepage.

Active Patch 4U has no side effects. It returns the energy on the surface of the skin, without making it pass through it. Because Active Patch 4U stimulates energetic points on the surface, it should be applied to healthy skin. The energy returned does not create heat (we measured no more than a 0,2°C difference with a comparable basic product).

To date, we haven’t noticed any redness or other skin problem due to the use of Active Patch 4U.