Active Patch 4U


Foam composition : Brevet FR 1257656

Active Patch 4U is constructed of a breathable and permeable foam, sandwiched between a breathable nylon mesh and a black polyurethane membrane.

Each patch contains a specific quantity* of more than 20 different, finely ground*, metal oxides and rare minerals.

The concentration of each ingredient is approx. 30g/m², ground to <5 microns

Its black colour comes from the presence of organic coal. This increases the patches potential to radiate heat and increases the effectiveness.


Physical action of the patch :

Each patch absorbs and returns 95% of the energy it receives. This is done within an infrared spectrum of between 4 to 200 micrometers.

Between 27°C and 39°C, the wavelength of the energy that the body radiates is between 9.28 and 9.66 µm (far infrareds).

3 main modes of action :

  • Prevention:

Applying Active Patch 4U to a known problem-area will help strengthen it. It also limits the chance for a recurrence of the problem associated with that area.

  • Comfort:

Applying Active Patch 4U will help treat, stimulate and relax the problem-area.

  • Post-treatment:

Active Patch 4U contributes to a general energetic well-being along with treating a specific area. However, our patches are not aimed at treating illness.


Self Help Zone

Zone by Zone guide to help you apply your Active Patch 4U in the correct place for ultimate relief.

self-helpWe have tried our best to make this guide as user friendly as possible so that you can simply purchase the Active Patch 4U and apply it yourself.

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Active Patch 4U is available through our online store. Please note that we are able to post anywhere in South Africa.

Buy your patch now and start feeling the benefits that Active Patch 4U can give you.

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Over the last 3 years, Active Patch 4U has been developed in close collaboration with some of the top Trail Running athletes. Active Patch 4U is, however, useful for every sport.

The quest for well-being often goes hand-in-hand with the desire to move, to exercise and to reconnect with nature — it’s for those reasons trail running is booming in every corner of the world.

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