Action of Active Patch 4U

Active Patch 4U is not medication.

No substance permeates the body; this is not a trans dermal patch.

The human body is a very complex thermo-energetic system.

Each tissue and each function possesses its own thermo-energetic signatures containing high-levels of information.

Each cell, organ and individual emits an energy of its own. Each has a unique signature — within a wide range of wavelengths from 4 to more than 800 µm — allowing it to share information with its external environment, while keeping its own integrity. Sharing while remaining authentic is one of the cornerstones of the perpetual balance of life.

The activity of living tissues is entirely linked to their temperature (Arrhenius Equation). This influences, among other things, enzyme activity, nerve conduction velocity, physical, mental & behavioral activities, vigilance as well as some defective functions.

In the event of an imbalance, the cell, the organ or the individual will seek to adapt itself by trying to keep its integrity at all costs. When deterioration comes, so does the discomfort. This develops into the first preliminary stage of illness or injury.

Active Patch 4U System = action on water and certain organic molecules.

Action on water :

Some scientific trials show that water molecules, as well as certain organic molecules, start moving in the presence of infrared wavelengths.

The action on organic molecules is closely linked to water molecules which form an integral part of most proteins.

The energy source of Active Patch 4U appears to optimise the role of water in each biological process.

The returned energy, called “quantum energy*”, enhances the cell’s energy potential, which has the effect of increasing the vibrational level. That process has two knock-on effects; it cuts the bonds to the macromolecules coming into contact with the cell more easily and also leads to optimised assimilation by the cell.

The cellular energy excess would then be transferred to the water molecules constituting the macromolecules, providing a certain amount of “quantum energy” resulting in the release of these macromolecules.

Quantum energy: Is the indivisible amount of electromagnetic or photonic energy which makes free energy available. In the case of the Active Patch 4U, this energy comes from the photonic energy (no mass, no charge) of far infrareds.

If the cell is exhausted, it’s energy is not sufficient to allow it to split the macromolecules and it becomes literally starved. If a cell does not manage to pick out the necessary materials in the extra-cellular level or if it cannot throw back the metabolic waste and the dissipated heat in the external medium, the internal order of the cell deteriorates. As these dysfunctions cannot always be compensated by intelligent compensation actions, the system gradually loses its balance.

The appropriate condition is to provide the cell with photons with biocompatible frequencies, that is, in resonance with the living system. This is what Active Patch 4U aims to achieve by providing the target area with a certain amount of quantum energy (no mass) that the cells can use immediately, allowing them to split the stagnant macromolecules and therefore recover their full powers.

How Active Patch 4U functions could be compared to a concave mirror. It absorbs cellular photonic emissions and sends them back into the body in exactly the same wavelengths, with the same signature. So, the cell would receive back a familiar energy, which belongs to it. Subsequently, it would know how to deal with this energy and how to best use it.

If the cell’s energy is already balanced, it will maintain its chemical and biological activity within and around itself symbiotically.

If the cell’s energy is unbalanced, it will be able to absorb this providential energy and use it immediately, therefore providing a general sensation of well-being.