Bioenergy Research Center company


2008: Jacques Casper creates a thin membrane, partly containing a mixture of metal oxides that promotes reflection of an emissivity of more than 90% of far infrareds. Upon the discovery he files, and is rewarded with, the European patent N°EP1816254. He also wins the Gold Medal of the Lépine contest for his revolutionary invention.

2009: Arnaud Tortel, a physiotherapist and polar explorer keen on Chinese medicine, discovers Jacques Casper’s membrane. Casper explains its energy producing properties, due to the reflection of the body’s infrareds, to Tortel. Thanks to his knowledge of Chinese acupuncture, Arnaud Tortel assumes that this membrane, by returning the energy, also returns pieces of information to the cells, allowing them to repair themselves more efficiently. The two decide to collaborate and develop a more efficient membrane. They spend four years researching the product — fine-tuning the membrane’s size and concentration to achieve optimal results on the stimulation of energetic points.

2010: Active carbon is added to enhance the technical nature of the membrane. The quantities of the metal oxides mixture are altered to improve the transmission of information to the cells. This results in a new membrane, a 2.0 version, that’s more powerful, efficient and is easier to produce.

2011, January: Arnaud Tortel is hired to work with an International Trail Running team. Once with the team, he shares the fruits of his research with the athletes. Over three years he collaborates with the athletes and develops the patch continually — customising the product to their needs during daily usage while training and also intensely during the race season.

2011, March: Arnaud Tortel leads an expedition to Spitsbergen along with Claude Montel and Franck Lao. They conduct a series of successful tests using the patch in extreme conditions.

2011, August: Arnaud Tortel & Jacques Casper file an initial European patent on the development and the precise manufacturing concept of “patches”: Patent FR 1257656.

2012: Production of Active Patch 4U

2013: A successful satisfaction study is conducted on 110 individuals with the independent company Spincontrol.