History of use

The athletes in the cases below suffered recurrent problems that affected their performance despite the use of regular treatments. Active Patch 4U eliminated these problems and gave them an overall sense of well-being.

These cases allowed us to further study the affects of Active Patch 4U and gave us the opportunity to fine-tune the efficiency of the product.

After their positive experiences with Active Patch 4U, the majority of the athletes decided to continue using it as an effective preventative measure. To this day many of them continue to use the patch as part of their daily training and racing program.

Important: Active Patch 4U is not designed to enhance performance or make you a better athlete, for that we recommend training and perseverance. Our patch is designed for well-being. They allow your body to function more efficiently and better tolerate the effort that comes from performing.

‘Activated’ is our term to describe an athlete that is wearing Active Patch 4U on a known problem area, as a preventative measure. ‘Activated’ means that the athlete is primed and ready to handle the stresses that the body is put under during performance.

Below are a number of real-world examples of successful uses of Active Patch 4U on elite athletes.

April 2011: Salomon Advanced Week in France

- Ricky Lightfoot: recurrent discomfort in the right ankle;
- Kilian Jornet: costal and dorsal discomforts due to a ski fall;
- Mireia Miro: menstrual discomforts.

May 2011 : Zegama

3 x ‘Activated’ athletes (Athlete’s using Active Patch 4U) including:

- Greg Vollet: lower-back discomfort with electric-shock like sensations in the leg.

June 2011 : Western States 100

- Kilian Jornet

July 2011 : Kilian’s Classik

9 x  ’Activated’ athletes including:

- Andy Symonds: knee discomfort.

August 2011 : UTMB

- Kilian Jornet & Iker Karrera: general discomfort during the race;
- Miguel Heras: recurrent knee discomfort at the end of races.

November 2011 : TNF 50 San Francisco

3 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Anna Frost: menstrual discomfort.

April 2012 : Salomon Advanced Week in Greece

8 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Zhanna Vokueva: heel discomfort.
- Tom Owens: pelvis discomfort.

May 2012 : Zegama

6 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Emelie Forsberg: recurrent knee discomfort.
- Anton Krupricka: leg immobilising discomfort.

July 2012 : Killian’s Classik

15 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Dimitris: recurrent pelvis discomfort.
- Adam Campbell: recurrent belly discomforts.

August 2012 : UTMB

3 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- François d’Haene: ankle immobilising discomfort.

October 2012 :  La Course des Templiers

5 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Tom Owens and Emelie Forsberg test the well-being aspect of Active Patch 4U in cold conditions.

December 2012 : TNF 50 San Francisco

5 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Miguel Heras: recurrent pelvis discomfort.

April 2013 : Salomon Advanced week

16 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Julien Chorier;
- Vollet Greg;
- Rickey Gates: recurrent right leg discomforts.

May 2013 : Transvulcania

7 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Kilian Jornet: heat discomfort.

May 2013 : Zegama

5 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Kilian Jornet: heel discomfort.

‘Hi Arnaud!

Do you remember the foot trouble I had at the Transvulcania? It p***** me off as there was no improvement; I even had to cut a shoe to be able to run… And today, I put an Active Patch 4U on the precise zone and it got much better within 24 hours. Thanks a lot!! Great :) . See you on Thursday!’ Kilian Jornet Burgada

June: Mont Blanc Marathon, Chamonix 2013

8 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

- Kilian Jornet: right shoulder discomfort following a climbing fall.
- Tofol Castaney: foot discomfort.
- Sylvia Serafini: right ankle immobilising discomfort.
- Stevie Kramer: back discomfort.

July 2013 : Killian’s Classik

14 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:
- Tina Lewis: foot discomfort.
- Sotta Otawa: back discomfort.

July 2013 : Ice Trail Tarentaise 

4 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:

Kilian Jornet, François d’Haene and Emelie Forsberg test global energetic equilibration methods during a long race.

July 2013 : Dolomites SkyRace

6 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:
- Sylvia Sérafini: fatigue and exhaustion sensations.

September 2013 : UROC

4 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:
- Cameron Clayton: heel discomfort.

October 2013 : Limone – 2013 Sky Running World Series

7 x ‘Activated’ athletes including:
- Kilian Jornet: overall recovery following signs of fatigue which arised after the UROC 100 race.
- Stevie Kremer: pelvis discomfort.
- Natalie White: back discomfort.
- Fabio Meraldi: inability to run.