I am amazed. I have had sore hamstring insertions since September 2013. Ive iced, heat, chiro, physop, massage but the extent of the pain has never gone.

Just 2 days with my patches on and my hamstring is feeling probably 70% better already. I can only assume if I keep treating it this way it will eventually improve.

Jillian Sotto Corona,

I use the patches for any kind of discomfort or niggle due to overexertion, muscle imbalances or general fatigue, which helps with injury prevention.
I also feel that my body is more in tune after I have applied some patches to trigger points, which results in better, harder training and recovery.
I believe the patches also assist in activating weak muscles or muscles that don’t “fire” as they should.
In summary, I am convinced that the patches assist in prevention of injuries, activation of muscles and treatment of injured muscles, joints or ligaments.

Landie Greyling, http://landiegreyling.com/

I have been using the Active Patch 4U for a week now, I had an ankle niggle and was worried it would affect me for the Pro Nutro African X. I must say that after only a few days the pain had definitely subsided. I can highly recommend this product to anyone with a niggle or an injury to aid the recovery process.

Ronel Nattrass, http://www.runstrong.co.za