The study has been carried out by the independent laboratory SPINCONTROL on a sample of 110 subjects selected by co-investigator therapists and having a proven joint or muscular discomfort, over 14 days, in double blind.

The distribution of the musculoskeletal problems within the sample shows the extent of the possible improvements of joint and muscular discomforts.


The use of Active Patch 4U or a placebo, over an average period of 7 days, led to the following results :

1/ After 7 days wearing Active Patch 4U, 93% of the subjects felt a benefit at the level of discomfort zones (51 subjects out of 55), only 11% of the subjects having applied the placebo patches (6 subjects out of 55) felt a benefit (statistically significant difference between the two groups).

Among the 51 subjects wearing Active Patch 4U, the first positive signs appeared during the first 12 hours following the application of Active Patch 4U in 27% of the cases, and over a period of 12 hours and 3 days in 68% of the cases.

2/ More precisely, the subjects of the Active Patch 4U group significantly felt some benefits at the level of the discomfort zone in terms of :

*improvement in the difficulty of movement and at rest (90% and 86% in agreement)
*fluidity, flexibility, ease and lightness (de 82% to 88% in agreement)
*releasing sensation (73% in agreement)

After the removal of the Active Patch 4U, the initial discomfort did not flare up again for 74% of the subjects after 7 days. They also continued to feel the benefits despite removing Active Patch 4U — 33% continued to feel benefits for 1 to 3 days and 51% for 6 days and more (persistent effect).

We noticed the possible appearance of minor cutaneous clinical signs. These signs may appear on a single patched area and vanish spontaneously after the removal of the Active Patch 4U.

Overall, the excellent opinion of the sample concerning the Active Patch 4U is reflected by a satisfaction rate of 96%.