Over the last 3 years, Active Patch 4U has been developed in a close collaboration with some of the top Trail Running athletes. Active Patch 4U is, however, useful for every sport.

Application Guide

Zone by Zone guide to help you apply your Active Patch 4U in the correct place for ultimate relief.

self-helpWe have tried our best to make this guide as user friendly as possible so that you can simply purchase the Active Patch 4U and apply it yourself.

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Shop Online


Active Patch 4U will be shortly available from our online store. Please note that we are able to post anywhere in South Africa.

Buy your patch now and start feeling the benefits that Active Patch 4U can give you.

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Our Athletes

Active Patch 4U is designed for anyone that has an area of discomfort. Through a base of professional athletes Active Patch 4U is put through its paces.

We will soon list all our sponsored athletes and brand ambassadors that can give you feedback on the use of the Active Patch 4U

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