Tendinous discomfort in the long biceps muscle


The minimum points to “activate” by means of an Active Patch 4U are :
N°1: Point located at the base of the neck, 2 cm away from the spine.
N°2: Point located right above the shoulder blade, in the hollow.
N°3: Point located right behind the joint crease of the arm and on the outer side of the shoulder blade.
N°4: Point located on the front face of the arm, on the shoulder joint, at the level of the insertion of the long biceps tendon.
N°5: Point located on the external face of the arm, one-third down from the shoulder, right below the deltoid muscle.
N°6: Point located on the external face of the forearm, right below the elbow, on the attachments of the humero-stylo-radial muscle.