Back discomfort with tingling sensations in the leg


The minimum points to “activate” by means of an Active Patch 4U are :
N°1: 1 Active Patch 4U on the posterior face in the lumbar region, on the flank hollows, about 3 cm away from the spine.
N°2: 1 Active Patch 4U on the sacroiliac joint (we can feel a bump), 2 cm away from the spine, right above the pants line.
N°3: Front face of the thigh, in the hip crease, on the attachment of the rectus femoris.
N°4: Point located on the external face of the leg, 2 fingers below the fibular head, right below the knee.
N°5: Outer face of the ankle, below the lateral malleolus, on the outer lateral ligament.