Pre race chat with Kane Reilly

Kane has now been actively using Active Patch 4U in his training, racing and recovery for 3 months now so we decided to ask him a few questions before he tackles the Grail of Trail, The 2015 Otter Race.

1) What will be your perfect Otter?

My perfect Otter will be one where I finnish feeling that i've covered the route the best that I can. I'll be super stoked a podium and a low 4 finnish this year but again i'm just pretty happy to be racing after missing Retto2013.

2) What does Activepatch mean to you? How does it work for you?

I think Active4U patches are great addition to injury prevention and niggle management! added in with good strength and mobility work, I believe they can go a long way in keeping you running strong. I use them mostly for my left ankle, they work really well for my ankles mobility when placed on all the trigger points (explained on the website).

3) How long before the event do you apply them?

I usually apply them the evening before an event.

4) How long do they last on those hairy legs?

Haha, they stick super well even to my yeti'ish legs. During normal training week i've kept them on for up to 7 days!

5) What is your goal time for Otter 2016?

I'd be really stoked with low 4hours.

6) Do you pace to race or do your race to place?

I usually just look to run with good flow and take advantage of my climbing ability. I believe that Otter is all about finding good rhythm and not getting caught up in other peoples pacing.

Now you have it from one of the countries top athletes, Kane Reilly. He is really passionate about the sport and his positive attitude will take him places. Please look out for Kane at the 2015 Otter and ask him about Active Patch 4U, we also have a few other runners running so if you see them with the patches, please ask!

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