Over the last 3 years, Active Patch 4U has been developed in a close collaboration with some of the top Trail Running athletes. Active Patch 4U is, however, useful for every sport.


We chose trail running as our testing ground because it offered us the opportunity to work with with elite level, international athletes. Trail Running also carries the values in which we believe in the most; respect; freedom and camaraderie.

The quest for well-being often goes hand-in-hand with the desire to move, to exercise and to reconnect with nature — it’s for those reasons trail running is booming in every corner of the world.

Looking back to the 70s, the ultimate goal was to run a marathon, today the big challenge is to run long trail races. For many, those trail races are the beginning of an amazing adventure which leads to 100 mile mountain races or stage races over several days. Trail running, quite simply, ignites a pure and genuine passion in people.

For us, Trail Running proved to be an exceptional ‘real world’ development laboratory — we had the possibility to observe and study numerous problems that the athletes encountered.

The years spent experimenting with and treating each of these problems has allowed us to create a detailed zone by zone, self-help guide for applying Active Patch 4U — both for prevention and recovery.

We have also started collaborating with other sports, such as tennis & handball, so we can share our expertise with as many people as possible.