Active Patch 4U Training – 7 May 2016

Active Patch 4U Training Course Cape Town

Active Patch 4U has now been in South Africa for just over a year and it is becoming a brand well known among the trail running industry, especially with sports injury prevention and treatment. The product has its origins in France where it was developed and its black membrane is patented. This membrane has a combination of minerals and elements that together form a “mirror” of sorts. This membrane reflects 97% of the energy it receives from the body back in the form of far infrared energy on the area directly beneath the patch. This return in energy triggers a response from the brain which leads to an increase in blood flow and stimulation of the area. Thus the necessity to place them correctly!

What does it help for?
• Injury prevention and rehabilitation
• Pain relief and muscle activation

How does it work?
• Increases blood flow by stimulating the area directly beneath the Active Patch 4U
• It must be applied correctly using your skill and knowledge as a therapist and also our guide

How does the Patch increase the blood flow to the area beneath it?
• The black membrane works as a “mirror” that absorbs and then reflects part of the energy produced by the body back into the area directly beneath the patch, in the form of far infrared energy.
• This stimulation leads to an increase in the micro circulation beneath the area of the Active Patch 4U.
• This increase in micro circulation also triggers a natural brain response.

What does the patch contain?
• The patch membrane contains a mixture of minerals and elements, all natural.
• They DO NOT get absorbed at all, they simply, together act as a reflecting mirror that absorbs energy released by the body and only reflect far infrared energy back. Hence why the correct application is critical.

What study has been done?
• Please visit this link for a study done by Spincontrol Labs in France -

How long does it last?
• The patch is made to last +/- 15 days per plaster
• It is usually the plaster that falls off first, so we encourage you to just re-apply the patch using standard tape

In South Africa, Active Patch 4U will distribute through accredited physiotherapists, Chiro’s and like minded professional therapists. We require these professionals to have been through the training to gain their accreditation. As a company we will endeavor to support you in your business by pursuing marketing activities within regional areas where we may call upon you to assist with activations at sporting events. This presents a unique opportunity for you to market and promote your business whilst selling and applying Active Patch 4U.

Active Patch 4U Training Dates and Info:

• 7 May 2016
• Starting 8:00 for 8:30, roughly a full day course
• CPD points will be awarded (we are awaiting final numbers)

• 2 Diaz Street, Somerset West

• Please see attached document for current suggested schedule
Cost: R1000 per person
• Included in the price is 16 patches (total value R600)
• Lunch/Food/Tea/Coffee in the breaks
• Ability to purchase additional patches at reduced pricing

After completion of the course you will have a thorough understanding and knowledge of Active Patch 4U, we will list you on our website as an accredited therapist and drive clientele in your geographic area towards you. We will instruct customers to only use local accredited practitioners.

If you are interested in attending this training, please can you send a mail to so we can send you the registration form. There are limited seats!

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