Yearly Archives: 2016

Small patch that packs a massive punch! by Jan Ham

Long gone are the days where trail runners were so taped up that they’d look more comfortable on a rugby field than a technical trail? You might have spotted some of SA’s top trail runners like Christiaan & Landie Greyling, Megan MacKenzie & Kane Reilly running around with little colourful plasters/patches on strategic places over…
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Active Patch 4U Training – 7 May 2016

Active Patch 4U Training Course Cape Town Active Patch 4U has now been in South Africa for just over a year and it is becoming a brand well known among the trail running industry, especially with sports injury prevention and treatment. The product has its origins in France where it was developed and its black…
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My Active Patch has fallen off after a few days! What now?

We have been getting a few clients who have contacted us stating that their Active Patches have fallen off within a few days after application. We thus thought a brilliant opportunity to give you the run down of the life cycle of the Active Patch 4U! The Active Patch 4U is made up of a…
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